Reclaim our streets and parks from toll tunnels and UrbanGrowth blight

Raising your voice will be a lot of fun. Stop Westconnex Street Party on Saturday December 13 at 13:00 at Simpson Park, Campbell St, St Peters

Reclaim the streets this Saturday from 1pm in Simpson Park off Campbell Street in St Peters. This is the site of the proposed Exit Ramps which will spew traffic into the whole area. Come and join the Rally, there will be music, stalls and lots of energised peple.

Beware of Strangers Bearing Gifts

It must be nearly Christmas. In a deja vu of this time last year, bad news for local communities is released just before the silly season. Recent announcements are –

  • Revised route for the WestConnex toll tunnel taking it up to the foot of the Anzac Bridge and a planned second Harbour Tunnel and then down to the St Peters interchange through Camperdown with links to a reborn M6.

  • Urban Growth plans for 60,00 additional high and medium rise dwellings in the Parramatta Rd corridor from Parramatta to Camperdown.

  • Urbangrowth plans for a massive land grab with 12,000 new dwellings in the Inner Harbour Bays Precinct.

Getting Organised

The Alexandria Residents Action Group (ARAG) has has taken up the WestConnex issues at the Sydney Park Sydney Council end of the scheme and have a great article and set of information resources on their web page.

Another local Group opposed to WestConnex and highrise urban blight has sprung up. The Save Petersham Park facebook page has already attracted 2,300 likes.
Organisers are holding a community meeting at the Petersham Bowling Club (adjacent to the Park) on Tuesday 16 December at 7pm. The Camperdown area is also under greater threat with the revised route just announced.

Urban Activation or Giant Land Grab

Continuing Community opposition to WestConnex drill rigs

To follow or join the protests you can go to the following Facebook pages.
“Like” the page(s) for a feed of information.

Westcon Community Action Groups
No WestConnex Public Transport
Save Ashfield Park
Save Petersham Park
Westconnex Action Group Inner West
Alexandria Residents Action group
Protect Wolli Creek Valley
No WestConnex Rockdale Group

Photo from Samuel Street, Tempe below puts the message very succinctly-

Dear Westconnex - You Suck!! Sincerely the Inner West

ABC Reports on 10% Drop in Driving

Watch the excellent ABC 7:30 report on Peak Car.

For the first time in history, young Australians are less likely to be  buying a car and, even though we have more cars than ever before, we’re driving them less, so have we hit peak car?

MIKE CLAY: Prime Minister Tony Abbott has pledged to build the roads of the 21st Century. The question is: will today’s drivers still need them tomorrow?

Get Involved

The Westconnex Delivery Authority has started drilling in peoples homes to determine where to place its exits, smoke stacks and motorway tunnel. These tunnels span Concord to Camperdown and then via St Peters to Rockdale.

Meanwhile Urban Growth NSW has begun enacting its plans for 50,000 units on Parramatta Rd. However, as the residents of Wentworth Point have found out Urban Growth NSW, their public plan can be just a quarter of the units they actually build.

Now’s the time to get involved, contact us by email on info AT about:

  • WestCon Action Concord/Strathfield
  • WestCon Action Ashfield/Haberfield
  • WestCon Action Leichhardt/Annandale
  • WestCon Action St Peters/Tempe
  • Westcon Action Arncluffe/Kograh
  • Wolli Creek Preservation Society



Media – Government Shows Westconnex will not cut Travel Times

The NSW and Commonwealth  Governments assert that Westconnex must be built to cut travel times. Their own figures show they know this to be misleading.


“In the official travel times released for the Westconnex, the government shows a drive through traffic of 66 minutes for Parramatta to the Airport (excluding parking). However, using any train trip planner it shows a 40 minute ride, with a change at Central,” said Mathew Hounsell, president of NoWestconnex. The government’s brochure is here

“Most of the Government’s travel times show Westconnex will be slower. It is a sad day for NSW that $15 billion is about to be wasted on this WestCon.”

Read more

WestConnex business case reveals a cover-up

Chris Elenor and local residents are looking for more information than WestConnex has released.

WestCon Action Group convenor Chris Elenor (left) and other concerned local residents are looking for more information than WestConnex has released.

Concerned residents have spent hundreds of hours this month trawling through WestConnex business papers, following a NSW Parliament Upper House motion ordering their release .

However, any information of substance has been blocked from public viewing, through legal or parliamentary privilege or by being stamped commercial-in-confidence.

Activists are pursuing ways to uncover this material, which should be available for public understanding given it’s a billion dollar toll road through the heart of Sydney’s inner west.

What we do know is that a great deal of attention has gone into media management and how to minimise local dissent, while a large number of consultants, financiers and corporate law firms have made a lot of money from the development of the business case so far.


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