Negative response to WestConnex Delivery Authority ‘information’ night, while new report says WestConnex is “wrong”

Hundreds of local residents turned up to the WestConnex Delivery Authority’s ‘information’ night at Enmore Theatre on Monday 23 February to hear from CEO Dennis Cliche and new M5 East project director Christopher Swann.

Jacob Saulwick in the Sydney Morning Herald described the crowd’s reaction as being almost unanimously hostile to the motorway proposals.

In a separate article, the Herald also reported on a new study released by the City of Sydney, which says that the WestConnex motorway is the wrong transport project for Sydney’s future.

The report, by independent analysts SGS, can be found here.

Tony Shepherd threatens to sue Wendy Bacon over WestConnex tweet

SMH: Tony Shepherd threatens to sue Wendy Bacon over WestConnex tweet (23 February 2015)

‘Ms Bacon’s tweet, which was part of a conversation about the lack of public information about the WestConnex motorway project, referred to Mr Shepherd’s involvement in the Lane Cove Tunnel project.’ SMH

The threat of defamation action over < 140 characters? Wendy Bacon’s response to the threat:

“Perhaps Shepherd would do better to reflect on the failure of the WestConnex Delivery Authority to properly consult with the community about a project that will worsen Sydney’s transport crisis, both for residents in the western suburbs as well as the inner west.”

Wendy_BaconSMH_23Feb2015About Wendy Bacon:

I am an investigative journalist who is also a political activist. This means that I want my journalism to be useful to those who resist abuses of power and seek social justice rather than supporting existing power structures, which is what much journalism does. My emphasis is on information that I hope will empower people to take action.

Read Wendy Bacon’s “Inside WestConnex

An investigation into Westconnex, a 33 kilometre motorway that the NSW LNP government wants to build in Sydney.

The investigation will include a timeline in parts, a exploration of the interests that drive the project and reports on the campaign by residents and community transport groups to stop it.

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